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affection in disarray
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Sep 28 2014 - [sticky post] 言葉の向こう
hi, kujo_arisa (safety pins;) has been writing since probs god knows when.

my life is a clichéd shoujo-aiCollapse )
Dec 31 2015 - Fiction Masterlist
It's summer again. March. December. It will always be.

I am still in love.

EDIT (13.08.05): FURTHER DELETION (everybody makes mistakes).


Book 01Collapse )

Book 02Collapse )

Tarot of the HeartCollapse )
Aug 03 2014 - 波間に現 (前編)
mal de mer; chanyeol/kai
pg, fantasy;kid!fic

It was a story, about an eleven-year-old boy who swam too far into the sea and discovered a city down under.

Down here, there were so many beautiful thingsCollapse )
xviii) the moon

in my dreams the skies and seas collide; sunggyu/woohyun
nc-17, romance;fantasy

Sunggyu lucid dreams. Woohyun is a comatose patient. They build a world that will never be real.

What's so good about reality?Collapse )
Jul 18 2013 - 泡沫の恋人
les amoureux passagères; changmin/kyuhyun
r, romance;historical

Year 1984. Changmin flies to Europe to escape Gwangju.

Freedom is a stolen passport.Collapse )
Mar 13 2013 - 丘に僅かな時
ix) the hermit

a short time on the hills; howon/myungsoo
nc-17, romance;tragedy

The story of Hansel and Gretel and the madman hangs on a chopped thread, unfinished, frayed. Howon tells him he's fallen in love with him. He doesn't know why.

Myungsoo climbs up in pursuit of solaceCollapse )
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