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Fiction Masterlist

It's summer again. March. December. It will always be.

I am still in love.

EDIT (13.08.05): FURTHER DELETION (everybody makes mistakes).




mal de mer; EXO,
chanyeol/kai, pg, fantasy

we're finished for the day; EXO,
(one-sided) kai/fem!sehun, tao/kai, pg-13, romance

butterfly shoulders; Girls' Generation/f(x),
jessica-krystal, pg-13, family

5 p.m. whirlwind through your hair; Infinite,
howon/myungsoo, r, romance

그럼, 가자 (Then, Let's Go); Infinite,
sunggyu/woohyun, pg-13, romance

satire of the weeping shadow puppets; Infinite,
sunggyu/woohyun, r, romance

cigarettes on winter; SHINee/f(x)
jonghyun/krystal, pg-13, general:friendship:romance

and we danced in the wind; SHINee/Super Junior
minho/kyuhyun, pg-13, romance

paradoxical; TVXQ
yunho/jaejoong, pg-13, psychological;romance

maidenhair blossoms; TVXQ
yunho/jaejoong, pg-13, romance

préconnaissance; TVXQ
changmin/yoochun, pg-13, romance

streetlight spica; TVXQ/SHINee
yunho/taemin, pg-13, romance:tragedy

les amoureux passagères; TVXQ/Super Junior
changmin/kyuhyun, r, romance

room 201; TVXQ/Super Junior
changmin/kyuhyun, r, romance



Laughing Skyscrapers -;- Hey! Say! Jump! | Nakajima Yuto / Yamada Ryousuke| PG-13 | Romance

Major Arcana Prompt

Twenty-two sets of the tales of the completion of life. From The Fool to The World. Let the journey embark.

  • The Fool

  • The Magician

  • The High Priestess

  • The Empress

  • The Emperor

  • The Hierophant

  • The Lovers - dust to rectangles; myungsoo/woohyun (r)

  • The Chariot

  • Justice

  • The Hermit - a short time on the hills; howon/myungsoo (nc-17)

  • Wheel of Fortune

  • Strength

  • The Hanged Man - basso continuo; dongwoo/sungjong (pg-13)

  • Death

  • Temperance

  • The Devil

  • The Tower

  • The Star

  • The Moon - in my dreams the skies and seas collide; sunggyu/woohyun (nc-17)

  • The Sun

  • Judgement

  • The World

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