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affection in disarray

safety pins;
it's been years. and yet i'm still here.

kujo_arisa is one person. she's liked tvxq since 2007. she thinks, if she meets any of them on a street or in a diner or inside a lift, she'll bow her head down and say 'thank you for making me believe in love', and will herself to not cry.

because it's been so long, isn't it, cassies?

she likes all sorts of things. apart from tvxq and jyj, she listens to rammstein, håkan hellstrom, and jay chou most. especially jay chou. during the opus tour, she doesn't get to see him. (she likes to think she's fine with it.)

she gets to see exo, though, on 2014's september. it's her first concert. she starts liking them just to know somebody a bit closer (when she already does and doesn't need to), and falls in love with wu yifan. two days later, he quits the band and she laughs.

'here we go again, sm,' she laments. 'it's always my favourite.'

then she likes huang zitao on rebound (she still likes yifan best, but she needs another answer when somebody pops up and says 'oh you like exo? who's your favourite?'). on pictures, huang zitao has got sharp eyes that are teetering on intimidating. but on 2014's september, up close, really close, staring into her eyes and the one little girl in front of her, she decides huang zitao has got the prettiest eyes she's ever seen.

he makes her wants to write again.

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